Reasons To Call Miami Bee Removal Corp

Do you currently have bees that are at your house? Perhaps you have so many of them that it is posing a threat to your family. It is important to contact a professional that can remove these as soon as possible. If there is an actual hive, these people will need to try to remove that from your property so as to prevent the bees from ever returning. There is a company called Miami Bee Removal Corp that has been providing services in the Miami area for many years. Here is a quick overview of how this company works, and why you should consider calling them if you have an infestation right now.

Overview Of Miami Bee Removal Corp

This company employs fully trained and licensed bee removal technicians that can come out to your location in Miami. This is a family owned company, one that is qualified and fully licensed to handle these situations. They have a zero call back record which means once they come, they won’t need to return because they will have done their job. They pride themselves on customer service, understanding their job, and making sure it is done right the first time.

What Services Do They Offer?

The services that they offer include beehive and honey removal, as well as removing the entire hive. You can actually see videos on their website of their employees that work, showing how they collect live bees and also how they are able to collect the honey that is dripping out of the honeycomb. It is a unique process where they will place the honeycomb in a refrigerator, causing the remaining bees to become dormant. This allows them to remove the bees with a spatula and all that is left is the honey that is ready to consume. If you are not interested in honey, they can simply remove both the bees and the hive. This is what many people do they also provide bee proofing so that you will never have to worry about getting an infestation of bees ever again.

How Do You Contact This Business?

You can contact this company by calling them up on their business line to set an appointment. They will also answer their emails. They are a leader in the be removal industry, and can help you with your bee problem right now.

Whether you are looking to extract honey from a beehive that is currently on your property, or if you would like to have the entire hive, including all of the bees, removed, this is the company that you should call. Contact Miami Bee Removal Corp today to see if they can help you in the next few days. You can book an appointment by using a form on their website, or you can simply contact them by phone. If you are worried about the bees affecting your family, and you need to have them removed, definitely set an appointment today. It is a company that will provide you with exceptional service for a reasonable price.